What are Clouds made of?

In this article, we are going to talk about what are clouds made of? We will talk about something that we probably know, which is Software as a service you might not know that you are using the software as a service application, probably every day in your life.

What is Software as a Service?

Software as a service is where the entire infrastructure, operating system, and the software that is provided by the third party are given to you in the form of a web application. A pretty common example of it is an email service. Think about Google provide email service to you or even any other provider. Let’s say Yahoo has yahoo mail and there are many other types of software as a service email provider.

Another type of software as a service is something you may be familiar is Dropbox. So, Dropbox provides you storage as a service that allows you to save your files from your computer after that Dropbox storage. So, there are many different types of software services. You might be even using something like Office 365 in your corporate environment. So, Microsoft provides a web-based Microsoft Office services using Microsoft Office 365 interface and that is software service as well. Software as a service is pretty common and we use that on almost a daily basis without even knowing it.

So, know you have an understanding of software as a service where you got the web application delivered to you using the web interface.

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a service is underlying the hardware that required for you to run your applications. If there is no hardware, no network, no storage in the back-end and Google will not be able to provide you with the email services. So, they cannot provide you with the software as a service, but what is there is a requirement in your organization where you want to work on virtual machines or physical servers, right?

You need the underlying infrastructure itself so that you can start building your own applications.  That means you want the compute you want the network, you want the storage and those entire components that we need so that you can create your own app or software.

So, infrastructure as a service where all of those infrastructure-related entities like the compute, memory, CPU, network storage all is provided by the third party.

what are clouds made of

If you look at the hardware stack above, the stack is basically a set of components that are grouped together to form an infrastructure. So, in this stack, you got to network and storage where you keep all of your data, and you got something called compute that is the brains of your operating.

So, when you put the data on computing, the compute is able to process the data to complete the task based on what kind of data it is. So, when you do infrastructure as a service, you are actually leasing or renting that infrastructure stack, which is CPU, memory, storage, and the network. So, you are paying to the third party to provide you with the hardware.

Infrastructure as a service will be giving you that virtual machine with your cloud provider and all the interaction will happen with something called a hypervisor.

What is Hypervisor?

The hypervisor allows us to create virtual hardware, so now all of these components like compute, storage, and network all are logical in nature. They are in the form of software is the hypervisor that will let the compute talk to the real physical hardware. So, on top of the hypervisor, we are now able to utilize virtual machines and these virtual machines will make up your infrastructure as a service.

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