Best Programming Language to learn in 2020

Programming dialects have been forming our market since the start of period of Information Technology. Presently this is the motivation behind why there are many programming dialects are being utilized in Information Technology. There is a list of Programming Languages that one has to learn to achieve success in the field of Information Technology because with a solitary language you cannot triumph much in this field as the Department of Information Technology is developing various specialties day by day so one needs to learn different languages in order to gain proficiency and skills.

Most Popular Programming Languages

Now if we talk about the most popular programming languages then on the top of list of languages before all else if JavaScript. However list of well known programming languages one needs to learn is given as:

  1. JavaScript: JavaScript is the most favored and most appreciated programming language in the market that is because it is one of the prime languages developed for building web pages and games. Moreover it aids in making websites more collaborated.
  2. Java: Java is the one of most popular programming languages and the best programming languages, it is often correlated with the process of client server applications which are in use of mark-able business and companies around the world. Java is originated as loosely coupled language which means that once you create any application using Java you can run it anywhere (any Java supporting Platform).
  3. Python: Python is refereed as the best programming language in the world but it popularity ratio it stands on the third place. It possesses a very simple syntax hence it is the very first language students learn while starting programming classes. Python skills are gaining popularity and demand day by day, soon is the day while Python will be regarded as the most popular programming language in the town. A number of social media sites are based on python such as Google, Facebook, Instagram etc plus it is being used in various applications as well such as Artificial Intelligence, data sciences, scripting etc.
  4. C#: It is extraordinarily compared to other programming dialects and is in the rundown of the most preferred and famous programming dialects also. It is created by Microsoft as an object-oriented programming language that runs on the ASP.NET framework. It has foundations of C family and is related to other popular languages like C++ and Java. It is used for Web applications, Database applications, Desktop applications, games, mobile applications and much more.
  5. C++: C++ is one of the most popular programming languages and it is one the best programming languages, it is a cross platform language as it goes well with multi platforms and multi applications. It is an codes arranged methodology sent in Operating frameworks and GUIs (Graphical UIs).It is an easy to learn and apply programming language.
  6. C: C stands in the list of the most popular programming languages as it provides the basis for writing programming languages , It is often used in programming hardware and debugging. It is an easy and an older programming language.
  7. PHP: PHP is also one of the popular languages but not so popular because of its security weaknesses. It is a developer side scripting language and it is generally used to create web applications.
  8. Swift: Swift is a friendly language gaining popularity in the market. It is used in Apple products like iPhone, Mac computers, Apple watches and iPad. It is one of the latest languages.
  9. Go: It is also known as Go lang. It is mainly used for the applications where a large data has to be processed. It is gaining popularity as well.
  10. R: R is last in the list of the most popular languages, it is used in statistical software products and runs on different operating systems.

Top Programming Languages 2020

Programming languages have been framing our market since the beginning of era of the Information Technology, this is the reason there are dozens of programming languages already roaming in the industry and developments of many languages is coming to view with each passing day. We have assembled a rundown of top programming dialects that one needs to figure out how to get accomplishment in the year 2020.


At number one as most of you might already have guessed is Python. It is known as the best programming dialects, and is a publicly released, object-situated language, generally used to create GUIs (graphical UIs). GUIs are utilized to make 2D imaging programming for instance INKSCAPE and Paintshop pro..

Python Frameworks

Multiple frameworks are based on python, such as:

  • CubicWeb framework
  • Giotto framework
  • TurboGears framework
  • Web2py framework
  • Flask framework
  • Django framework
  • Pyramid framework
  • CherryPy framework
  • Bottle framework
  • Falcon framework
  • Hug framework
  • Pycnic framework
  • Dash framework
  • MorePath framework
  • AIOHTTP framework
  • Growler framework
  • Sanic framework
  • Tornado framework

Python Applications/Software’s

Following softwares are based on Python:

  • Google
  • Ubiquity Installers
  • Fedora Anaconda


Java is one of the best programming languagesbecause of its prime features such as high level security, Strong memory management and high performance. It is a simple to learn language and is an open sourced language.

Java Frameworks:

It is a base for frameworks such as:

  • Spring framework
  • Struts framework
  • Hibernate framework
  • Grails framework
  • Vaadin framework
  • Blade framework
  • DropWizard Framework
  • Play Framework


JavaScript is known as the language of web developers and is one the best programming languages. It is an object situated scripting language. It supports fundamental structures for both front-end and back-end improvements.

JavaScript Frameworks

A few of the well known frameworks based on JavaScript are:

  • Backbone JS
  • Ember JS
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • Angular JS
  • Vue JS
  • Ext JS
  • Knockout JS
  • Mithril JS

If you are having JavaScript on your Resume it is going to open doors of opportunities for you.

C and C++

These are one of the best programming languages, both of these languages are older languages but they are maintaining their popularity despite of introduction of latest languages in the market and developments of already existing languages in the market and also despite of their own drawbacks. They are ruling about 20% of the entire coding market, They have marked a big following on GitHub thankful to the legacy system

Applications based on C:

  • GUI ( graphical user interface)
  • Embedded systems
  • Google
  • Mozilla FireFox and Thunderbird
  • MySQL
  • Compiler Design
  • Gaming
  • Animations

Applications Based on C++:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premier
  • Image Ready
  • Illustrator
  • Google Applications
  • Winamp MP
  • 12D model solutions
  • Bloomberg distributed RDBMS
  • Callas Software app
  • Image Systems app
  • Microsoft OS app
  • Apple Operating System
  • Symbians OS app

Industries Hiring Developers:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Huawei mobile company
  • Wipro
  • IBM
  • Phone pay


We have Golang, it is developed by Google itself and it provides feature such as coevality which is very different from other languages.

  • Gin framework
  • Beego framework
  • Iris framework
  • Echo framework
  • Revel framework
  • Martini framework
  • Buffalo framework

Companies Hiring Developers:

  • Cisco
  • Capgemini
  • Springboard
  • Tecsystems


On number sixth we have R programming language. It is an open sourced programming language, and it underpins multi stages and platforms. It is one the best programming languages because of its statistical analysis and data science features. It can create web applications. The popular ID used for R is R studio if you get R programming skills you can get hired by different companies.

Companies Hiring Developers

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google


7th in our list is Kotlin, it is one of the most popular programming languages and the best programming languages. It is a common objective programming language, and it works on more than one platforms. It is favored by most developers regarding android applications developments.

Kotlin Frameworks:

  • Ktor framework
  • Vertex framework
  • Spring framework
  • ยง Companies Hiring Developers:
  • Airtel
  • Lenskart
  • Pinterest
  • Basecamp


It is one the best programming languages. It is an object oriented approach. Using C# we can compile programs fast, it is frequently used with ASP.NET Framework, it is utilized in configuration of web applications and windows applications. It is utilized in game turns of events.

C# Frameworks:

  • Sass framework
  • Grunt framework
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Bower framework
  • Yeoman framework
  • Accord .NET framework
  • Text template transformation tool kit
  • Microsoft XNA
  • Automapper framework
  • Auto-fixture framework
  • NancyFX framework
  • Orleans framework
  • Chromium embedded framework
  • Pure MVC framework
  • Active Template Library
  • MOQ framework
  • Microsoft automatic graph layout
  • ASP.NET core
  • Windows forms
  • Windows presentations
  • Mono framework
  • ADO.NET framework

Companies Hiring Developers:

Intellect soft

Swift 9

9th Position in our list is occupied by swift. It is one of the best programming languages and one of the popular and emerging programming languages in the information technology market. It is a object oriented language used for the applications developments , as a matter of fact Apple organization is using swift instead of C now, it is emerging in the market day by day. It is mainly used in Apple products such as iPhones, ipads, Apple tablets, Mac computers and laptops. Its significant properties are its speed, security and less error production.

Frameworks based on swift:

  • Cocoa touch framework
  • AV Foundation framework
  • Cloud Kit framework
  • Protocol buffers framework
  • Lib-Phone-number framework
  • Core Foundation framework
  • Sparkle framework

Companies Hiring Developers:

  • Amazon
  • Wal-Mart
  • Apple


At 10th position, we have PHP. It is a well known programming language and one of the best programming languages , it has been around for quite a while now. It is used for data heavy websites. It is one of those important and prominent languages which are used in building and developing dynamic websites. All the top social media websites which are millions in numbers are based on PHP coding language like Facebook and Wikipedia.

Frameworks based on PHP:

  • Laravel framework
  • Code-igniter framework
  • Symfony framework
  • Cake PHP framework
  • Yii framework
  • Zend framework
  • Phalcon framework
  • Fuel PHP framework
  • PHPixie framework
  • Slim framework

Companies Hiring Developers:

  • Oracle
  • HCL
  • Motorola

Best Programming Language to learn

The best programming language to learn is without any doubt Python. As we are in 2020 already and technology is rising to the heights of skies day by day, competition in coding programs and developing applications between developers is rising as well, in such scenario when the list of programming languages comes to the view of developers, python stands uniquely among other programming languages and no one can raise a question on why Python is best programming language of the era.

Python is a very easy to observe and easy to learn language, its integration with the languages of C family (C# and C++ ) makes it even more easier for students to learn. It is a very basic language and is used for general purposes. It has gained over 1 million repositories on GitHub and if one having a python skills set lands into any well known company he can make round about one twenty thousand united states dollars. With Python on resume one can land easily in the high rated and well known companies such as Google, Facebook, Paytm and spotify very easily. So no wonder why Python is a future saving language and regarded as the best programming language to learn.

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