Mobile Computing – Introduction to Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is a technology or you can say it an innovation that permits transmission of information, voice and video through a PC or some other remote empowered gadget (any wireless enabled device) without being associated with a fixed physical connection. Basically the primary idea includes – Mobile communication.
So now let’s understand ‘what is mobile communication’?

Mobile communication

Mobile Communication

Mobile communication is the technique through which we perform mobile computing; basically mobile communication establishes connection between 2 devices without having to connect them with any physical or electrical connection and by saying physical or electrical connection here I meant a wire.

Wireless communications and Mobile computing

Mobile Communication

Wireless communication enables mobile computing and transmission of data from one device to another device takes place without any need of connecting any wire or any physical transmitting connection. These devices actually do need a medium for the transmission of data process but this medium is not physical in mobile computing.
The next thing we are going to see is ‘what are the basic facilities wireless communication is providing to users’?
Wireless communication is providing 2 basic things.

  • User’s ability to move
  • Device transportability

These are the basic two facilities mobile communication is providing to users.

Wireless communication

Wireless Communication
User MobilityDevice transportability
user mobility means any user
(using mobile computing) can
move from one place to another
While using mobile communication and still his connection will not be interrupted.
Device portability means a user can take his mobile from one place to another and still his mobile will be connected to other device through wireless Connection.

User’s ability to move

The first thing mobile communication is providing is user’s ability to roam freely. So let’s explain it, imagine you are sitting in your room having your laptop connected with your computer through mobile communication and you need to go out of your room or you want to go sit in the balcony but you are doing something important on your phone and you can’t leave your work undone so you ignore your inner voice and keep on staying in your room but here’s the thing for you that while using mobile communication you can go sit in your balcony or that park in front of your home and still your connection will not be interrupted.

Device transportability

Now that when you are putting on your sleeper shoes and going to sit in the balcony suddenly a thing flashes in your mind that ‘if I go and sit in there, Although my device will remain connected to the computer and I can still keep on sharing things from laptop to computer but what if signals get weak and it takes more time than usual to share data because of weak signals availability?’
You need not worry because as long as you don’t disconnect your phone, you will be having full availability of signals without any interruption.

Character traits of communicating devices

Communication Devices

Now that we have seen properties of mobile communication in earlier paragraph, next thing is defining characteristics of the devices that we connect by using mobile communication, so we may define that the abilities of mobile computing we discussed earlier, either they are provided on our devices or not.
So we have different devices here for example we have Desktop computers, laptops with broadband, and laptops with WLAN.

Desktop computersFixed and wired
Laptops with broadbandMobile and wired
Laptops with WLANMobile and wireless

Now that we have 3 different devices with different characteristics of mobile computing, so let’s explain and compare these characteristics.

Desktop computer setups

So the 1st one here is Desktop computers setup, all of us had desktop computers once in our life, some of us still have them and we know that we can’t carry desktops wherever we go so they are fixed and they don’t support any wireless connection so they are wired and fixed.

Laptops with broadband

Long ago, when the 1st generation was invented, we got to see laptops with broadband, many of us have never used laptops with broadband and for such people let me explain; laptops with broadband belong to the first generation of laptops. Basically the point we have here is laptops with broadband were having wired connection. They were remote or mobile whatever you say as we could carry them anywhere we go so they were mobile but they couldn’t support wireless connection, so laptops with broadband are the basic example of remote but wired connections.

Laptops with WLAN

Laptops with WLAN, instead it would be even better if I say laptops of latest generation, so the laptops we are using today, I’m using to write and you’re using to read are the best examples of Wireless and remote communications or you can say that they are the best examples of mobile computing.

Now that we have completely understood mobile computing the next thing or next question is where to use mobile computing?
So let’s elaborate the applications of mobile computing.

Fields of Application of Mobile computing

I have concluded a few fields from our daily life where we can practice mobile computing

Transportation system

So the 1st field from our daily life is transportation system, like you can use mobile computing while traveling from one place to another by sending your location to someone who is supposed to pick you up from the destination terminal.
Mobile GPS is the best example for this application. Moreover you can check your location while traveling through any unknown area

Hospital’s Emergency ward

The second routine example is emergency ward of hospitals. Imagine you are a doctor, you’re treating a patient whose condition is critical and you need to transfer him to some bigger hospital where doctors have more facilities, so you’ll refer your patient to that hospital but you need to tell the next hospital’s doctors about the patient’s actual situation so if you write all of that on a paper and send that to the next hospital along with patient, it may be risky as the patient may lose that paper and when they reach next hospital doctor may have to check the patient from initial point again and it’ll take a lot of time for the next doctor, instead if you create a document in your laptop about the patient’s condition and send it to the concerned doctor or to the admin office of hospital using any mode of mobile computing it may prevent from a lot of tension.

Industries and businesses

The next normal life example is Industrial documentation transfer, for example you’re running a business and if you’re having any partnership then you need to share every step you’re taking regarding your business with your partner; but there is no business in the world without rivals so if your partner is not available and you need to share your ideas with the new project running inside the industry than don’t take risk of transferring your ideas through paper files instead create a document in your laptop or any other device and send it to your partner. It is secure and it is fast.

Here it ends our topic of Mobile computing but as you know every end is a beginning to a new story so this end of our topic is a beginning to a new topic that is “Mobile edge computing”
Mobile edge computing is relative to mobile computing so let’s get into the depths of the topic and let’s see that what we can do in mobile edge computing!

Mobile edge computing [MEC computing]

Mobile Edge Computing

Mobile edge computing (in short MEC) is just another name for multi-access edge computing. It involves edge computing in its definition as well, so it is defined as: “a category of edge computing that enhances the aptness of cloud computing by carrying it to the edge of the web system or network”
Here 3 concepts are being involved in this definition.

Edge Computing

Edge processing is a scattered, open IT plan that features disseminated dealing power, engaging versatile figuring and Internet of Things (IoT) developments. In edge processing or edge computing, data is taken care of by the server itself or by a local PC or specialist, rather than being communicated to a server ranch.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the conveyance of figuring services. Basically it is the transportation of online services through the internet, for example databases are created and shared through cloud computing


EDGE is short name of Enhanced data GSM networking. It is typically 3 times faster in speed than the outmoded GPRS system.

Coming back to mobile edge computing, now that we know all 3 of the terms which were involved in our topic, so now we can understand easily that what is mobile edge computing and where we can use it?!

So basically in mobile edge computing, edge computing is being entangled with cloud computing and enhancing its aptitude by taking it to the edge of the web network; if I say it in very simple words than actually cloud computing is being speedier and faster here.
Now that our concepts of mobile edge computing are clear, let’s move onto its applications.

Fields of Application of Mobile edge computing

Mobile Edge Computing

Road infrastructure

Mobile edge computing can be used in road infrastructure even it is being used in this infrastructure in Japan. By using MEC anyone driving his car on main road can know the location of the vehicle next to him, the location of the vehicle behind him, the location of pedestrians (if there are any) and the exact location of bumps on the road. In this scenario mobile edge computing is involved with Artificial intelligence. It can prevent accidents on the roads.

Online gaming

Mobile edge computing provides the best quality of graphics of online games even when signals strength is weak too. Online games or we can say cloud games after shifting to EDGE have the best of graphics and speed of games now.

Military patrolling

Mobile edge computing can help in military patrolling in operational areas as well, usually in operational areas there are weak signals of internet so military units can’t check the area under their control by using a drown because of weak signals so they have to send soldiers to check the area and a number of soldiers have been martyred during patrolling around the world, it’s not about just one country, it’s the problem of every country’s military and it can be solved by using mobile edge computing.

So now that we understand MEC completely, moving on to the next topic that is Mobile cloud computing.

Mobile cloud computing

Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile cloud computing uses appropriated registering or cloud computing to pass on applications to mobile phones, these mobile apps are available to use online after enhancement in their speed and flexibility features. If cloud computing was not in the development tools of such apps they couldn’t have been otherwise supported.

So now we know what is cloud computing and what are its functions, next things to shed light on now is the applications of mobile cloud computing.
The question is where we can utilize the mobile cloud computing in real life?

Fields of Application of Mobile cloud computing

Mobile Cloud Computing

Storage of confidential data

Usually in military units, you have confidential data regarding the military operations and you can’t keep all that data in your phone or devices because of security issues and it is not an easy job to keep your paper files or maps safe so it’s better and way easier to create a cloud and put all your confidential data in that cloud out of your mobile phone to prevent security issues.

Creating backups and restoration

Imagine you have all of your data in a phone, all your pictures of university and college and from hangouts, all your important notes, books and all your private data everything just get deleted mistakenly suddenly. This is kind of tense situation obviously but you can prevent it a backup of all your data was already created and saved in your cloud, you can download the backup and get all of your data back.

Management of mobile applications

Managing mobile applications is concerned with software engineers but sometimes even software engineers can’t fix a few problems in mobile applications, but you can’t face such situation if you are using mobile cloud computing because it manages apps on its own.

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