What does an Ethical Hacker do?

While learning ethical hacking you might wonder, what does an ethical hacker do? Can I get in trouble while doing it? Remember, we are ethical hackers. This means it is hard to hack into a network or a device or in general, we want to find as many vulnerabilities inside the target system, but not to do bad things. Quit opposite. We want to secure them. An ethical hacker who is hard to find as many vulnerabilities in a certain system is also known as a white hat hacker.

What does it mean by finding Vulnerabilities in a system?

Well, systems can be anything. It can be a network of multiple computers or it could be just one single computer. It could also be some company server that they keep their important data on. We could also be targeting a Website page or a website. Availability, on the other hand, is anything that cloud allows someone to have unauthorized access to that system. We are there to discover them and secure them.

Why are we doing Ethical Hacking?

Well, as you know, the bad guys are also known as the black hat hackers. Their goal is also to find vulnerabilities in the system, but not to secure them. Instead, they want to perform malicious activity once they gain access to that system.

Difference between White hat hacker and Black hat hacker

There is a difference between the white and black hat hackers.
White Hat Hacker

White Hat Hacker

A white hat hacker is there to find vulnerability, notify the person that hired him and let him know of a possible unauthorized access, you can think of us as a cyber police. We are there to protect things from black hat hackers.

Black Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hacker on the other hand is there to perform malicious activity such as stealing your data. They could also try to steal your online money. They could install a virus or a Keylogger on your PC and track everything that you do. They can go as far as doing something like stealing your identity.

However, the method that black hat and white hat hackers use can be quite similar. The difference is we as white hat hackers must make sure that we have our permission to target a certain system. In white hat hacking we can get hired by a company that could have a website, different networks with computers inside the building where, for example, employees work.
Its cloud also has large servers and databases holding important company data. Our goal is to make sure that data is secured from cyber attacks that are also employees and their machines are also in a secure network. That website doesn’t have any bugs that could let an attacker take advantage of it.

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