Best Companies to Affiliate for 2020

In this article, we will talk about the best companies to the affiliate for. These are the website or companies that you can use for affiliate marketing and promote their products. We will talk about how you can sign up for them and how much money actually you can make with these websites.


It comes at first in the best companies to affiliate for the 2020 list. These are the people that you can host with them. You can host your website with them and the websites for the majority of your clients and they are the best when it comes to web hosting. Their affiliate program is really good. The working of their affiliate program is simple. If you have a client and he needs a domain and hosting for his business then you can give him your affiliate link so that he can buy domain and hosting. You will receive your commission when he buys with your affiliate link. When someone signup through your affiliate link then you will receive your commission.

The commission takes usually 6 weeks to come into your earnings. SiteGround is a very fantastic hosting company and every time someone buys their hosting through your link and you will get paid $80 each time. The registration process of SiteGround is very easy you have to fill up the required information and once you are done with that you can join their affiliate program.

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Remember once you fill their affiliate program form they will contact you and you will be good to go. It’s a very straight forward process. You will get approved easily without any hurdle and then you will start promoting their products.

SiteGround also has ads like banner and your use of these ads to promote their products on your websites or mobile apps. There are different kinds of a banner that you can use on your website. So, this is how you can promote their products.


Mythemeshop comes at number two in the best companies to affiliate for. They make the Word Press themes and in my opinion, they make the best Word Press themes in the market. Their themes are fast, beautiful and I personally use their themes for personal websites and also for my clients. You can join their affiliate program link to increase your income.

Their working is easy and they pay you the 55% of the first purchase from your affiliate program link.  They have the very highest reward in the affiliate market. I don’t think that there are other companies that pay more than Mythemeshop. I highly recommend that you do promote their products and work with them.

The signup process for Mythemeshop is very easy. You have to visit their website and when you scroll all the way down you can see their affiliate program link. When you click on the affiliate link they will guide you on how you can sign up for their affiliate program and from their affiliate page, you can see things like how much you can earn with them.

The other very good thing about Mythemeshop is that when people are buying their products from your link. They will provide you their premium products for free and that’s the very good benefit for you and you can use these themes to build Word Press websites. Whenever they release a new plugin or theme and then they will give you a free copy of it to you. So, that’s the benefit of Mythemeshop.

 Gravity Forms

I also recommend you to do business with Gravity Forms. This comes at number three in the best companies to affiliate for. They have the best forms plugin for Word Press. They also have an affiliate program and you can join it to make money. You can find their affiliate program link at the bottom of their website and you can fill the affiliate forms to join their affiliate marketing program.

They pay you when you promote their plugin premium license. Just register account with them and start promoting their product on your website or blog. Gravity Forms has a very good plugin for Word Press contact forms and lots of people use their products. These are the best companies to affiliate for 2020.


There are a lot of affiliate programs out there in the market but you have to choose the right affiliate programs for yourself. There are also other best companies to affiliate for. You can search for them and try them if you want. Remember you have to join those who have a high commission and easy to use and famous ones.

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