Best ways to find Clients for Freelancing

In this article, we will talk about what are the best ways to find clients for freelancing. It also about how you can get your very first client. I don’t know you are reading this article and maybe you already have a client or you are figuring out how to get more clients. It could be that you never ever worked for a client before.

Tell everyone about your Work

If you are working as a freelancer that your first step should be telling anyone about yourself and also about the services that you are offering. If you are a front-end developer and you know how to build websites then you have to tell people, tell your friends, and the people you know just tell them that you build websites and If you want to website then I can build one for you. Tell as many people as you can.

If you build a website for your client and he likes your work. There are one hundred percent chances that he will tell his friends and other colleagues about your work. That’s the way you build a network of clients. At last, you will start getting clients based on references because you build a website for clients and clients to hold his friends or colleagues and that person came to you. If he also likes your work then he will also tell other people and that’s why you can build a large network.

Find Clients Online

There are several best ways to find clients online.  On the internet there is a lot of websites that you can use to find clients, you can use websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer to get clients online. People like you as a front-end developer can provide their services to the people that need front-end development.

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Upwork is a very great website for freelancers that you can sell your services with it to clients. What happens with Upwork is that you can create your account, you can list the skills that you have and also you can charge your clients per hour. You can create your portfolio and upload your previous work to get more clients.

The one interesting thing about Upwork is that in order to stand out for competition there are tests that you can take to prove your skills. Test tell people that you can indeed knowledgeable and that indeed you can do the job that you say you can do.

If you really want to find clients online that I highly recommend you Upwork. It is a really good place to start. There is a lot of competition in Upwork but you can stand out by taking tests.


It is very similar to Upwork and you have a website that provides you services like web development. Basically it’s for web developer and if you are a developer then you can do work on Toptal. The thing about Toptal is that the talent or competition you face here is extremely high. If you are a beginner web developer and you have not years of experience that you should not start from Toptal but it’s for the developer that they have enough experience to start with it.

Toptal is interested by many companies in the market and from this website you can make a really solid amount of money depends on your experience. People like web developers make thousands of dollars from Toptal. This web offers all categories for developers like they accept any kind of developer and it’s a very good benefit for new developers.


Now we discussed the best ways to find clients for freelancing. Remember you should not lose hope and let me tell you that there are a lot of other platforms for freelancers that you can join. In freelancing, you have to try your luck on the new platform and find the suitable one for you. If you have enough experience in your field then you can get clients easily.

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