Interesting Facts about javaScript

In this article we are going to talk about the interesting facts about JavaScript and this article is going to be very interesting for the readers.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is not Java. There’s a big distinction between JavaScript and Java. The life of the Java programming language is longer than JavaScript. JavaScript was only named JavaScript so that he cloud leverage some of the popularity behind Java back in 1995 and they’re actually not related at all. In fact, Java is strictly a server-side language and Java is almost strictly a front-end language although it can be used as a server-side language because it has been adapted to work that way.

So, whenever you talking about JavaScript please don’t just call Java because that’s going to confuse other developers.

Every Web Browser use JavaScript

100% all of the web browsers use JavaScript. You as a user of Chrome or Firefox you can decide to disable JavaScript if you want to but your browser comes with it. So, when you download a browser Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge even the internet explorer comes with JavaScript support. While learning interesting facts about JavaScript, you have to remember anything and these things are very useful for JavaScript interview.

You can use JavaScript on the Front-end

In fact, JavaScript is the only language that you can use on the front-end. It’s the only one. There is HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and that makes up the entire front-end stack of any website. HTML and CSS are not languages. JavaScript is a coding language and it’s the only one out there and that actually contributes to its massive growth and popularity because there are no other choices. You have to know JavaScript to be a front-end web developer.

JQuery, React, Vue, Angular, Libraries and Frameworks

You have a lot of words about these and there is a difference between all of these. Remember behind the scenes JQuery, React, Vue, and Angular. It is all written in plain boring JavaScript.

Library: A library is a JavaScript file or a set of functions that allows you to make shortcuts. So, for example, JQuery is a library that’s because it doesn’t come with all the extra things that a full framework does.

Framework: A framework is like React, Vue, or Angular. It comes with more than just binding event listeners. It comes with a certain way of writing things; it comes with a certain style. Coding that is on how you actually write your code and it does almost everything you need. So, that’s the difference between a library and a framework.

You can use Js Offline

Can you use JavaScript online? The answer is yes. Why do I say that? Or how do I say that rather? Is JavaScript whenever you hit the website, whenever you view a website. Your browser downloads a bunch of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with images and maybe a few other files. Your browser tries to cache those. So, it doesn’t have to reload over and over again.

When you have a JavaScript file you can execute it in your browser even if you don’t have an internet connection. You don’t need the internet for it. Remember a lot of websites have an API system and you’re going to still need internet to actually leverage the full usage of JavaScript. However, you don’t necessarily need it all the time.

JavaScript Files end in .Js

So, just like in HTML, when you are learning HTML, you save the files with .html extension. When you learn CSS, you save the files with .css extension. So, it’s the same thing. All JavaScript files have an ending extension of .Js.

JavaScript is used to create entire Programs

You can create an entire program with JavaScript these days. It’s started off once upon a time and you could create programs in certain languages like C or C++. Now it’s sort of shifted towards things like Python where you can make entire programs for an operating system.

Now you can actually do the same thing with JavaScript and the nice thing is that it’s one language to rule them all. So, what you can do is create an entire program and it can be on multiple operating systems. It can work on your mobile devices, doesn’t matter its IOS or Android or Windows or MAC or Linux or anything else. It’s one system to rule them all.  

The very common example of this is Spotify and Slack. These are two huge applications that have for a very long time been using something called Electron. Electron compiles all your files of JavaScript into an actual program and then you can go and send it to people to download Windows, Linux, Mac, you name it, and it has support for it. So, JavaScript is used to create an entire program. These are the very common interesting facts about JavaScript.

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