Skills required to become a Web Developer

In this article we will talk about the skills need to become a web developer. The very first one is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).


HTML is a single most important skill that you need to acquire to become a web developer. HTML is the fundamental of father of is the mother of all web languages. Without HTML we wouldn’t have the internet, we wouldn’t have the web sites. So that’s absolutely critical that you become a master at HTML. You need to learn how HTML works and ideally you should be able to build a simple website using purely HTML.

We can compare a website with a human body whenever I am talking about HTML and CSS. So think of a human body as a website and HTML would be the skeleton of the human body. It’s what that makes up the basics fundamental blocks of the human body, the skull, the ribs and the rest of skeleton and that’s HTML.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Now the CSS would be the skin, the eye lashes, and the hair. This means the skills that makes the human body more beautiful that’s the CSS. So HTML allows you to build a basics web structure and CSS allows you to make the structure more beautiful. That’s the illusion between HTML and CSS. These are the two most important skills that you need to acquire to become a web developer. You know HTML, you know CSS and you can build a very good looking website.

The next skill that we are going to talk are also important but they are not critically important. You don’t have to master these two languages but by learning them you should be able to do well. The more you learn the more you become better to do a specific task. These two are JavaScript and PHP.


Now going back the human body as a website. JavaScript allows you to do things like walk, run, crouch, carol, and jump. Basically, JavaScript gives the functionality to the website or gives life to the website. When you know the JavaScript you can build more complex websites.


PHP is what that allows you to interact one website with other websites. Imagine you want your website to submit the information to a server then you can do this with PHP. If you want your website to be able to download information from other website then this is also done by PHP. PHP would be involved in interaction with the server.

For a web developer this very good to have these two skill JavaScript and PHP. Remember they are not required to become a web developer but as long as you know the basics of JavaScript and PHP and how they actually work. You would be fine.

HTML and CSS together

HTML and CSS are not real programming languages they are not like JavaScript and PHP, they are not like Python and Ruby. The reason for this is that a real programming language has things like functionality, you have variables, you have loop, objects, conditional statements, and you don’t have those with HTML and CSS.

If you master HTML and CSS then you will be a front-end developer. Real programmers use real languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python etc.But a web developer use languages like HTML and CSS and they are very different from languages that have things like variables, loops etc.


Now you have a basic understanding of how you can become a great developer and you also have the idea about the skills required to become a web developer. Remember any skill require experience when you start your web developer journey you have to gain enough knowledge to master the things and implement these things to make a better website.

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