The career of a Web Developer

This article is about the career of a web developer. We will talk here three things especially.

  • Why would you want to become a Web Developer?
  • Which tools you should learn to become a Successful Developer
  • What career options are for web developers

Why would you want to become a Web Developer?

How much-in-demand a good developer is? As a front-end developer, you have some really nice salary. You can Google about the salary of a web developer in different cities or in different countries. Remember there is a real value for developers out there. If you are an experienced web developer then finding a job for you is very easy. I’m not trying to be cocky or overconfident but it is true.

Speak to any developer that knows his or her stuff and they are able to find jobs quite easily.

What you should learn

You can do some surveys to find what you have to learn and what is the demand in the industry? You can use websites like JetBrains. You can see what frameworks are the most popular and demanding, you can also see what text editors or IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) are most popular among the web developers.

You can also find useful information from the StackOverflow. Stack overflow is probably the best there is for developers. Throughout your career, you will go onto this website to ask questions and get answers almost daily. You can use StackOverflow trends analysis to see the most demanding languages for web developers.


You can see which language is trending quite high all the way into the current year. For web developers, JavaScript is the most demanding programming language. It can be used on the web, mobile, on little devices, pretty much anywhere. If you can code JavaScript, you can code anything electronic at this point in time. So, you should learn JavaScript to become a good Web developer.

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Careers options for Web Developers

We’re going to talk about the type of work you will be able to get as a web developer and some of the confusing job titles out there. You know who that web developer is, someone who works on the web, builds websites, builds web applications.

Back-end Developer

You also know about the back-end developer that works on the server, works with some databases and they are not concerned with the user-facing side of a website or a web app.  

Full-stack Developer

A full-stack developer is somebody that can work both on the front-end and back-end. If you understand the full picture of technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP then you can work as a full-stack web developer.

Mobile Developer

If you want to become a mobile developer then you should learn to React and you will be able to build an Android App and an IOS App very easily.

Software Developer

A software developer is somebody that is able to build software not necessarily on the web, not necessarily on the mobile. They are able to use a programming language to build software that is code can be run anywhere.

Software Engineers

Software Engineers use computer science to solve complex machine problems and that is a very board statement but it is. They’re not necessarily good at one programming language. They are good at working with machines.

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