Top 7 Python Jobs for Career

In this article, we are going to talk about the Top 7 Python Jobs of Career. Now, most of the python learners think that if I’d become a Python developer. What can I with my career and you know one? Python, I think maybe besides JavaScript offers some of the best opportunities for employment and options for different ways that you can go in your career. In this article, you will discuss python jobs that you can select for your career.

Software Engineer

For example, you might want to become a software engineer. A software engineer is a person that built software, built programs, and code to solve real-world problems. If you want to work for a company like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, you might apply to become an engineer and use Python in your coding interviews to solve coding problems and get jobs in those big companies.

Python Developer

You can also apply for a job that’s a Python developer. That’s a very generic term but a Python developer is essentially somebody that solves problems that a company had with python. So, it can be many different things.

Research Analyst

You can also become a research analyst and use the Python programming language to analyze the data. You can also have a career in data analyst. They use data a company has and analyze it to make business decisions. So, you can use python to analyze these things.

Data Scientist

You can think of a data scientist as a level up from a data analyst. They can do what most data analysts do but they also have really strong mathematical-statistical programming backgrounds in order to create algorithms and study data in order to create new models. This is a very popular python career.

Backend Developer

There’s even a backend developer or a web developer that works on building for example API services. You can use tools like Django and flask to build web applications. Building web applications with python is a very great career because websites like YouTube also use python.

Testing Automation

You can do testing automation with python. Automation testing and automation can be as simple as testing a website or a web app. It can be testing a mobile application and writing simple scripts to simulate user’s behaviors and tests that a company’s product work.

Machine Learning

Machine learning with python is a very popular career. Creating machine learning models from lots and lots of data to create these models that can predict or perhaps create something useful for a company.


The options are almost endless and it can be overwhelming if you are just starting out. While learning python you can learn all of these rules and understand them in a better way by Doing project for each of them. The reason for this is that if you find something interesting in one of them then you can start your career with that role. The beauty of learning python is that it opens up a whole world of possibilities. The Possibilities of careers because it is a very valuable skill.

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