What is an Operating System?

In this article, we will talk about the operating system. Before talking about OS we can divide a computer system into four different components. The major components are:

  • User
  • Application
  • OS  (Operating System)
  • Hardware

Definition of OS (Operating System)

A program that manages the hardware and acts as an intermediary between hardware and the user. Operating system is responsible for running application programs by using hardware resources for the user.


So, the hardware is the innermost component of any computer system. Hardware includes processors, rams, memory, and all the various input and output devices.


Application programs are the programs that utilize the hardware in order to solve the user’s problems. So, the users, application, and hardware running on a computer but what is an OS?

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Operating System

Operating system is software or you can say it is a program which brings about coordination between the hardware and the applications programs to solve the user’s problems. Let’s understand this by an example:


Imagine we have a game and as you know game is an application program. So, the user wants to play the game on a computer. The game is an application program so, the problem of the user is to play the game on the computer. A game can be played on a computer by various resources offered by the hardware in a computer. So, OS here provides you the functionality to play the game with the resources provided by the hardware. So, we can say if you want to utilize the resources provided by the hardware to play the game then OS is your only choice.

The OS takes the resources from the hardware and provides those resources to the application programs like games. OS is the one that brings coordination between hardware and application programs to play the game.

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