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Introduced by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ is an object-oriented language. It’s the development of C language. So it is easy to code it into an object-oriented way or according to C style. Moreover, it can be coded in both styles and is a useful hybrid language for coding. Its intermediate-level language because it has both high and low-level language characteristics.

In this article you will learn:

C++ being an object-oriented language keeps the functions in the same file and it makes the functions convenient to operate. This is the main advantage of object-oriented programming language that helps to write large programs without any need of storing the functions in multiple files.

It’s the collections of classes that are predefined and can be generated multiple times. These classes are user-defined and can operate a specific function. Users can define multiple functions in one class. It is used for software, drivers, and application. Its operator includes logical operators, arithmetic, and bit manipulation.

Key concepts in C++ include polymorphism, overloading, virtual, and friend functions.

Best Way to Learn C++

You can learn the C++ language and master it by yourself.  Several online resources are available for doorstep learning. So, first of all, you need to know the basics of C++ that are given below.

  • Variables and Consonants
  • Data types
  • Operators and Comments

Variables and Consonants

 Variable is the storage of data and to point out specific variables we need to give a name to each variable.

Int students = 12

Here, students are the variable, and int is the data type. Here we have given an integer. So you need to learn about all data types via tutorials.

In C++ we can have fixed values that cannot be changed and these are called consonants.

Here’s an example of the consonant.

Const Int Gravity = 8.8
Gravity = 9.8 // Error! Gravity is constant.

Here we have the gravity keyword to declare a constant and if we try to change the value of gravity we will have the error.

Data Value

In C++ language we declare the variable by data types. It declares the type and size of data in the variable.

Int students = 20

Here “students” is a variable and its type is “int” which means the variable can store integers or whole number.

Operators and Comments

The operator is a symbol that operates on a variable. For example, + is an operator that adds the values and – is an operator for the subtraction of values. For learning C++ one needs to know all types of operators as arithmetic operators, assignment operators, relational operators, etc.

Comments in C++ language signal that a programmer can change their code into an easier form which is easy to read and comprehend.

Why you should learn C++

As you know C++ is a general object-oriented programming language and it plays an important role in modern times. It supports new features like polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, and inheritance. These features make C++ different and easy for application development. Furthermore, it has the following benefits.

  • During compilation of C++, errors are cleaned by the compiler.
  • Because of low-level programming, C++ language operations are very fast.

These are the following areas where C++ is effectively used that’s why we have to learn to deal with all these areas.


Many applications of a graphic user interface are mainly popular applications like adobe applications are in C++.

Web Browser

Various browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla are developed though the C++ language.

Operating System

now, most of the operating systems for Apple and Microsoft Windows, XP, internet explorer, and visual studio are mainly written in C++ language.


Most of the animation software like 3D Animation. Modeling, rendering, and simulation software are using this C++ language as well as it is mainly used in image processing and visual effects.


Many applications as film scanner are developed in C++. For conversion of documents, sharing, and archiving documents it’s used widely.

Uses in other fields

Except for the computer field, C++ is also being used in engineering and agriculture applications. These applications include MRI scans, etc.

So due to the above reasons, we need to learn the C++ language. Last and not least – Career Opportunities – If you want to develop applications and bestselling games you will have to use C++ for better results.

C++ Programming Course

Multiple online resources are available for you. Now learning C++ is not a dream its quit simple. First of all, get enrolled yourself in a programming course and get the basic stuff of C++, and after that start reading a book that will give you in-depth information and it’s the best way for going forward. After that start a project where you may use your knowledge that you have learned. Therefore, the following courses you can avail to learn the C++ language.

Free C++ complete beginner tutorial

This is an easy and basic level course for the beginners and its free of cost at Udemy. In this course, you will learn about the basic syntax and will know about the basic concepts like abstraction, inheritance, and encapsulation. After that, you will learn about memory management and pointers.

Learn C++ programming Beginner to Advance- Deep Dive in C++

This Udemy course covers the basic concepts of OOP and further gives the concept of application development. It coves Program development, Compiler, and IDE setup, C++ basics, conditional statements, Loops, arrays, pointers, and strings. It costs $10.99.

C++ Programming Basics

This is one additional free course offered by Udemy. It gives an overview and a basic introduction to C++. It’s a short, easy and beginner course for the beginners.

In addition to it, many more courses are available on EDX, Coursera, and future learn websites which are free of cost.


Summarizing, all in all, C++ is a fast object-oriented language and it has many benefits and provides security and bugs free compilation and many more features. Due to its wide range use in multiple browsers, soft wares, and in different fields we have to learn in for being a developer. It’s a simple and doorstep game to learn the C++ language because you can avail beginner to the professional course free of cost on different websites.

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