What is PfSence?

While talking about the definition of PfSence we can say that it is the distribution of Free BSD. BSD is an OS (Operating system) that is useful for various things that feature speed and stability. As we know BSD is free so, there is a large community that created BSD and it was created at the University of California Berkeley. It is based on UNIX.

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You can use PfSence to turn a computer into a full-featured router and firewall and this software was first developed in 2004 as an offshoot of the popular Monowall project.

  • The main difference between PfSence and Monowall is that PfSence is designed for personal computers and servers instead of embedded devices.  
  • This allows it to offer more flexibility and features.
  • It is a very flexible and powerful tool that you can implement into a large network of corporations.
  • It is easy to install and maintain. It has a very useful web-based user interface.
  • It also has many features that are usually found in an expensive commercial router.

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Media Type for Installation of PfSence

You can use three types of install media to install PfSence.

Optical Disk

The optical disk image could be an ISO image or a CD or DVD disk. This is an easy and familiar choice. This option could be optional. This means you can’t use this option if the target doesn’t have an optical drive. This is especially useful if the BIOS doesn’t boot from USB.


The second option is Memstick and this is similar to the CD, DVD but runs the installation from a USB thumb drive. It’s often faster than CD or DVD. This is very useful with new devices as many of them don’t have integrated optical drives making the best current recommendation.

Serial Memstick

The newer embedded system uses a serial console to run the installation instead of using VGA.

Key features of PfSence

Now we will discuss about the key features of PfSence.


It is very robust and has very good features in it. You can use a single device with it to perform all the functions that are required for a network.

High Availability

I already said PfSence uses a single device for functions. So, the downside of this is that it is a single point failure.  PfSence also supports high ability which means that you can change group several devices together.


Free things are free. It is completely free and you can use it on your network without paying money. It can be used by simply downloading it and setting it as a virtual machine. It can be installed on any type of hardware which means it is flexible and scalable.

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