Where Python is used these days

Let’s take a look at few places where python is used these days and it’s actually not a few places where you can use python. Python is so popular and it is deeply embedded in every single corner of software these days. In this modern world, python is very useful.

If you see the image above and you will see some growth in the popularity of programming languages.

  • Last year Python was at number 4 and now it is at number 3. Its ratings are 9.31%. Its changes and gone up by 1.15%.
  • It doesn’t seem a lot. But take a look at SQL and it is down by 0.10%.
  • You can see language like JavaScript doesn’t grow over the year between 2019 and 2020 and it is a very hard language.
  • JavaScript is still the world’s 7th more popular programming language. But python is number 3 and it is significantly more popular.

Where Python is used these days

So just as an example a few places where you can use python. Let’s start with some coolest places where you can use python.

  • If you know about machine learning and it depends on python.
  • Artificial also depends on the Python programming language.
  • Universities are all teaching python because it is simple and easy to learn. It doesn’t come with crazy things and you can read it like a book. It’s also very powerful that’s why universities are teaching it.
  • You can also use python in data science.
  • You can use it in things like automation.
  • Python can be used in image detection and machine vision like a self-driving car.  
  • Web developers also use python to building banking and other websites.
  • Anything to do with the software you can use python and these are the few places where python is used these days.

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Economics of Python

One other thing to really think about and I know this is not a big motivator for a lot of people but it is worth mentioning.

Python programmers make more money instead of programmers with programming language like JavaScript. If you are a web developer and you already know JavaScript. Well, python developers make 2 to 3 times more money than a JavaScript developer. So, you can see python is already winning when it comes to economics. The number of money wills higher if we talk about machine learning, artificial intelligence.

Careers and Jobs in Python

If you have any sort of mathematics background or any sort of interest in machine learning or artificial intelligence or data science. When we talk about annual salaries we cloud be looking at 120, 180, 200 thousand dollars a year. Those are US dollars.

There are tons of different jobs with a python programming language as a lot of different jobs. If you go website like indeed and type “python” in their website’s search box and you can see a lot of jobs available at indeed. That’s very impressive because as a python developer you don’t need to be panic while finding a job.

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